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Pathogenomics of Leptospira species from the Hardjo serovar

Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease that has a relevant impact in human and animal health worldwide. It is caused by pathogenic species of Leptospira, a genus of Gram-negative spirochaete bacteria. The leptospires have been classified into more than 250 serovars, grouped into 24 antigenically related serogroups. This classification is based on serovar-specific antisera reacting mainly against components of the surface lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Certain serovar determinants, such as the O-antigen of the LPS, are thought to be involved in host/reservoir selection. For example, strains from the Lai serovar use mice as reservoir, while those from the Copenhageni serovar use rats and those from the Hardjo serovar use cattle. Correlation between serological and taxonomic classification is poor, as members of the same serovar may belong to different species. This is the case of the Hardjo serovar, whose specific antigenic reaction have been observed in strains of L. interrogans and L. borgpetersenii.

This is an ongoing project held in collaboration with Dr. Sree Rajeev from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (St. Kitts), aimed at studying specific genomic features of Leptospira species belonging to the Hardjo serovar. We used MiSeq to sequence the genomes of an L. interrogans serovar Hardjo lab strain and five L. borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo samples, two lab strains and three field isolates. Genome assembly and analysis is being carried out at INDICASAT in collaboration with Pablo Riesgo Ferreiro from Guanábana Biodata Analytics Inc.

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The genome of the lab-adapted strain of L. interrogans serovar Hardjo (strain Hardjoprajitno) has been submitted to Genbank under BioProject PRJNA296687. Raw MiSeq reads has been deposited in the NCBI SRA with accession number SRX1830060. Sequence data can also be accessed via the following links:

The genomes of five L. borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo strains have also been submitted to Genbank. Links to access BioProject and sequence information are provided in the following table:

Sample Sample type BioProject Chromosome I Chromosome II
LBH-A (type A) Lab strain PRJNA296689 CP015050 CP015051
LBH-B (type B) Lab strain PRJNA296694 CP015052 CP015053
BK-6 (type A) Field isolate PRJNA296675 CP015044 CP015045
BK-9 (type A) Field isolate PRJNA296677 CP015046 CP015047
BK-30 (type A) Field isolate PRJNA296679 CP015048 CP015049