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The Leishmania panamensis genome project

Leishmania panamensis is the main causative agent of tegumentary leishmaniasis in Panama and Colombia, and is responsible for a large number of cases in other neighboring countries. In Panama, the disease has a growing incidence, with near 3,000 new cases per year, 50% of them remaining under-reported. Evolution to mucocutaneous leishmaniasis occurs in 5% of cases.

This is a project aimed at sequencing and analyzing the genome of this parasite, carried out at INDICASAT AIP. Sequence data for the reference L. panamensis strain (PSC-1) has been submitted to NCBI under BioProject PRJNA235344. The raw reads have also been deposited in the Sequence Read Archive (SRA) under the accession codes SRX681913, SRX681914 and SRX681983.

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