Leishmania panamensis strain PSC-1 genome feature table @ INDICASAT AIP

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ID Color Product Cell loc (UniprotKB/GO) InterPro OrthoMCL
LpmP.04.1190 2 Actin Kinetoplast 11  OG5_126595 
LpmP.08.0760 7 Mitochondrial DNA polymerase beta-PAK, putative Kinetoplast OG5_140397 
LpmP.15.0090 7 Heat shock protein HslVU, ATPase subunit HslU, putative Kinetoplast OG5_129971 
LpmP.23.0840 7 Mitochondrial DNA primase, putative Kinetoplast OG5_148198 
LpmP.26.1330 7 Mitochondrial DNA ligase, putative Kinetoplast OG5_138133 
LpmP.32.3900 7 Kinetoplast-associated protein p18-2, putative Kinetoplast OG5_184007 
LpmP.32.3910 7 Kinetoplast DNA-associated protein, putative Kinetoplast   OG5_154711 
LpmP.33.3170 2 Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase, putative Kinetoplast OG5_129037 
LpmP.35.4090 2 HslVU complex proteolytic subunit-like protein Kinetoplast OG5_130468 
LpmP.35.5990 7 Kinetoplast-associated protein, putative Kinetoplast OG5_138924 

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